We run a semi-structured programme based on the early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki/Te Ara Whānui. Planning and activities are centred on a weekly theme that has been developed by observing emergent interests. We provide for a balance of creative self-expression, skill development and group activities. Art, music, drama and stories are incorporated into the weekly focus. The children are all encouraged to complete at least one piece of work to take home each day, fostering a sense of achievement. We have a routine throughout our sessions which provides a sense of security. We have an extension programme for the older children before they begin school (our ‘B4 Programme’).

Rainbow Cottage


We use Storypark as our online child assessment tool to keep you up-to-date with your child’s development and to establish effective relationships with our families. We also create a physical portfolio for children to look at and enjoy, complete with a summary of development over time.

Rainbow Cottage


Our staff are there to assist you and your child, so please don’t hesitate in approaching them if you wish to discuss something.
    • Joan - Owner/Supervisor
    • Nadine - Owner/Supervisor
    • Shalini - Deputy Supervisor
    • Helen - Teacher
    • Sara - Teacher
    • Fleur - Teacher
    • Sharyn – Teacher

Most of our teachers hold ECE or primary qualifications. Six teachers are registered.